About Me


Oh, why do this About Me boxes always stump me? I never know what to write, so, I'll start with the basics. My name is Sarah. Born in 1997, yes I'm a youngin'. Currently located in the Sunshine state, Florida, (or the Humidity state as I like to call it) and hope to someday get out... Hey, this wasn't as hard as I thought... 

 Odd fact: I always listen to music while I'm reading a book. Normally, I change the song to fit the scene I'm reading and it makes the entire thing come alive. I started this when I noticed every time an emotional or important part of a movie played out, they'd play music accordingly. I started reading with my iPod going in my ears and BAM, I loved reading that much more. 

Writing short stories is another hobby of mine that I enjoy immensely. Listening to music helps with this process, too. If I need an action packed scene, a fast paced Led Zeppelin song is just right. A heartwarming scene 
might involve some work from Adele. 

Photography is something I recently got into. My background is a photo I took from Weeki Watchi, a river in Florida. The place is a wonderland and I got great nature shots, my favorite thing to get behind the lens for. 

And, lastly, why did I want to start a blog? It began with my discovery of Goodreads. I would write short snippets of my feelings for books and wanting to do a little more, started to write longer reviews. This lead to a book blog where I wanted my personality to shine through. I could make it Sarah's world, which translated to Sarah's Bookshelf.  It's also a way for me to get my opinion out there, regardless of my age. 

Well, that's me, in a nutshell. Hope to see you around here again:)